CNS newsletters are published monthly usually the Wednesday before the chapter meeting. Content includes a note from the Director, Ladies of Harley and upcoming activities and events, chapter challenges and mileage information, safety and ride reports, member recognition and information, photos, and calendar pages. Please be sure to check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel (@flatcowboy) for many more pics and videos. 

We love hearing from our members and want to know where your riding has taken you. If you have a story or tidbit to share or if you’d like other members to get to know you a little better, please submit a paragraph about you, your ride, how long you’ve been a rider, and other interesting facts to [email protected]. Suggestions, comments, and feedback are also always welcome. If I make an error—which I am likely to do—please be kind in your communication with me. Send an email to [email protected] or let me know at the chapter meeting, and I will do everything in my power to correct it in the next edition.

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