Flat Cowboy


Flat Cowboy, Sr.                        Flat Cowboy, Jr.

Introducing F.C., Jr.

Back in 1989, “Flat Cowboy” was one of the founding members of the Cut ‘N’ Shoot H.O.G. chapter. 

Behind his hard riding and partying persona was a great family man.  He had a son he named F.C. Junior.  Junior always admired his father and wanted to grow up to be like him. As he grew into a young adult, there was a time when Junior wanted to “find” himself, venturing off to travel the great wilderness of the Oregon Trail and some of the other beautiful sites of this great nation, but he always found there was something missing.  He tried different hobbies and jobs along the way – hiking, rafting, trail guide…..but nothing seemed to fill the void.  Tired and hungry, he decided to go back home. 

When FC Jr. got home, it was a great homecoming.  One day when Senior was working in the garage, Junior quickly realized what he was missing the entire time during his travels. The sound and smell of Senior’s old Knucklehead! It was then that he decided to follow his old man’s footsteps. Dad told him that things weren’t the same as they were in the old days – partying, late nights and a few too many servings of “milk and cookies”, but it was still all about good friends and the riding culture.

Encouraged by his son’s newfound enthusiasm, Senior encouraged Junior to work with the Mileage Officer on the 2023 ABCs mileage program. So, this year, FC Jr. will be along for all of our chapter rides.  There is no trip too short or too long that will keep him from riding with our Shooters. Let’s make sure he’s in every one of our ride pictures!