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Cut N Shoot Chapter #540201


Welcome to the Cut N Shoot Chapter of Harley Owners Group.  We are sponsored by The Woodlands Harley Davidson in The Woodlands Texas.

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Chapter Beginnings

So, what's the story behind this Cut-N-Shoot H.O.G. chapter? It's as interesting as the folks who comprise its membership. Back in 1989, a few brave souls got together and filled out the necessary paperwork required by H.O.G. to form a new chapter. Now the exact date and time of this momentous meeting is open to speculation. You see, our founding fathers were very much like the folks you see here today, more interested in good times and riding than taking notes, and the chapter they created mirrored their fun-loving personalities.

Like all H.O.G. chapters they needed the sponsorship of a local dealership, which in those days was called Conroe Harley Davidson. One of the quirks of H.O.G. was that the chapter had to have a distinct name not associated with the dealership. Our brave pioneers looked around and decided to adopt the name of Cut-N-Shoot as an alternative to Conroe. Not only did they pick a name that stands out from the rest of HOGdom, but it actually promoted the idea and attitude that this was not gonna be just another plain vanilla H.O.G. chapter. No way José! We were going to see a chapter that truly represented the spirit of the folks riding Harley Davidson motorcycles.

From the very beginning, this chapter was a riding, partying bunch of folks. The group was small in number (our officers and the present-day road captains actually outnumber our early membership), but invariably the most recognized chapter around. The name helped, but what really made them stand out was their ability to turn every opportunity into a party of friends. “Shooters” have never met a stranger. More importantly, everyone is welcome in the CNS family. There have always been larger chapters, but there has never been one with the same excitement as ours.

In the late 90's our membership really took off. Finally, folks actually wanted to be a part of the fun rather than just observers. As had been the Cut-N-Shoot practice, everyone whose goal was to ride and have fun was welcomed into the fold. The magic continues to this very day. We welcome you to our historic pursuit of riding and having fun.

UPDATEAs of the end of October 2020, our sponsoring dealer, Texan Harley Davidson, was closed. Beginning with our October meeting, our sponsoring dealer is now Harley Davidson of the Woodlands.

***We meet on the second Saturday of each month at 10:30 am.***  We would love to meet you!  

Please check the calendar for updates and changes.

The goal of Cut N Shoot Chapter is to promote responsible motorcycling events for the Harley Owners Group members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging participation in other H.O.G. functions.  Our intent is to bring people of common interests together, to enjoy the spirit of motorcycling, to increase the level of enthusiasm for riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles, to support the activities of Harley-Davidson of The Woodlands, and to create a family oriented atmosphere in which all members can live the Harley-Davidson experience. 

Chapter Charter & Handbook
The Chapter Charter is the document that establishes Cut N Shoot Chapter #540201 as a Chapter of Harley Owners Group. It serves as the Chapter Bylaws, and we are bound to uphold this Chapter Charter. Download the Chapter Charter

The Chapter Handbook is issued by H.O.G. to serve as a set of guidelines on best practices for Chapter Operations. Download the Chapter Handbook

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